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EDR Reports cover page for high level environmental database information.


Environmental Screen (ES) $150

Advantages of the Environmental Screen (ES):

  • Inexpensive ($150)
  • Fast (Typically Same Day Service)

Disadvantages of Environmental Screen (ES):

  • High level overview of risks and concerns
  • No limitation of liability for environmental risk like the Phase 1 ESA has.
Phase I ESA cover page for united states Small business administration SBA reports

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Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Advantages: Phase 1 ESA:

  • Limits environmental liability from previous owner.
  • Most thorough review of environmental risk.
  • Accepted by all banks when borrowing against a property.

Disadvantages: Phase 1 ESA:

  • More expensive than other options.
  • Slower to complete (10 Days)
Record Search With Risk Assessment cover page for united states Small business administration SBA reports


Record Search w/ Risk Assessment $650


  • Less expensive ($650) than a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Fast (Guaranteed in 5 Days or Less)
  • Accepted, even encouraged, by the Small Business Administration (SBA)


  • Relatively high-level overview of risks and concerns.
  • No limitation of liability for environmental risk like Phase 1 ESA.
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Why do so many Commercial Real Estate Professionals
A3 Environmental Consultants?

With over 40 combined years in the industry A3 Environmental Consultants has built a reputation of customer service. We won't leave you or your project hanging. We communicate well and finish on time so your project can close on schedule.

We're FAST!

We understand the meaning of “Time is of the Essence”. We’re fast and thorough. We’ll tell you what your lead time is before you start a project with us. Our “RUSH” Phase 1 ESA is done in 5 days. Our regular turn-time is 10 business days.

We Won't Blow Up Your Deal

Too many environmental consultants will always find an environmental problem. That’s not us. We stay true to science. If we say there’s a Recognized Environmental Concern (REC), you can be sure there is, and it materially affects the value of the underlying asset.

One Trusted Contact

We’ll get your project done, no matter where it is. We’ve been to the US Virgin Islands, in North Dakota at the border of Canada on an indian reservation, we’ve braved snowstorms in Montana and hurricanes in Florida. We won’t leave you scratching your head trying to figure out how to get your project done.

Mystery Of The Universe!

It has Physicists Baffled! (888) 364-6573

Send us your snail mail address and we’ll send you a tiny mystery of the universe! An item that has physicists baffled; this unexplained phenomena magically attracts itself to ferris items in your office with an invisible force field. What’s more, it repels other select times, as if compelled by bad-juju.

Defy explanations! Impress your friends! Shock your co-workers with this science fiction-turned-fact! For your convenience, we have placed some branding on this small wonder-of-wow. Every time you see this little bugger working, you’ll think about how A3E is out there working, weirdly, reliably and without drama, for you.

...Just like quantum mechanics...

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A3 Environmental, LLC (A3E) is a full-service, woman-owned, small business specializing in providing quality environmental services.

What We Do.

Environmental Due Diligence, Investigation & Remedial Services, Petroleum Storage Tank Services, and Affiliate Environmental Consulting.

Why We Do It Better.

In our formative years, we did a hitch at a few local environmental consultants. We saw some things. We decided here, things were going to be different.

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