Why We Do It Better.

Before A3 Environmental Consulting was assembled, our team did several stints with other consulting companies. We saw things at our former companies that we did not believe were in the best interests of the clients. We decided here, at A3E, things were going to be different.

We communicate better. If you call us, we are here to answer. If we miss your call, we call you back. As your project progresses we keep you in the loop. If there’s bad news, we prep you for it and offer solutions to turn the bad into the “behind you” as quickly as possible. You won’t hand us a project and then be left wondering if anything is happening on it.

Our clients come first. We saw too many consultants trying to talk their way into more work (and more billable hours) when more work was not needed. We believe we should talk ourselves out of work if the work is not necessary. Aside from it being the ethical thing to do, we believe honesty builds better long-term relationships. Our relationships are more valuable than one-hit billable hours.

We strategize. We’ll work to discover your end goal and tailor our consulting to creatively and optimally address your goals. For instance, if you have a leaking underground storage tank, any consultant can help you. But if you strategize with us, a basement can be the remediation; a parking lot can be the engineered barrier. There are hundreds of ways to kill two-birds-with-one-stone; we take the time to talk it through with you.

We recognize that needing environmental consulting can range from a necessary distraction to a lifesaving procedure. Nobody really wants to call us in the same way nobody wants to call the doctor. The best outcome for our clients is to get them through the process as quickly and inexpensively as possible. We do that, and that’s why we do it better.