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A3E provides soil management solutions for our Clients. We design soil management plans and specifications for our clients that provide cost effective solutions for the soils being removed from or managed on site. We work closely with our Clients to provide the most cost-effective solution so the project budget is not blown on soil disposal. A3E provides oversight during the soil management process to ensure that soils are being handled correctly and documented properly.


A3E understands each site is unique and requires a designated plan that controls the movement of soils on site or disposal of soils off site. The most cost-effective solution for managing your soils is to keep them on site and avoid disposal costs. In many cases this can be implemented in conjunction with soil disposal if the materials can’t be completely managed on site. A3E will work with your architectural team to develop a plan that meets the project budget and meets any regulatory requirements that may be tied to the development process.


There is a significant cost savings between disposal of soils at a CCDD and Subtitle D Landfill. A3E provides services that includes historic background studies and soil testing to determine the soil characteristics on site. Our process includes a preliminary investigation for our Clients to determine ahead of soil removal as to whether their site qualifies for soils to be disposed of at a CCDD facility. We have Licensed Professional Geologists on staff that are able to certify soils that meet the IEPA values for CCDD disposal. If our Clients’ site does not meet the CCDD values, we work with them to manage soils on site or to complete a waste profile for Subtitle D landfill disposal. A3E has a close working relationship with both CCDD and Subtitle D Landfills and will walk our clients through the soil disposal process.


A3E’s staff is experienced in soil management and oversight services. Our staff has performed oversight services on sights all over the northern Illinois region at sites that include petroleum retail locations, substations, industrial locations and private development sites. Our services include soil vapor monitoring with Photoionization Detectors (PID) to ensure soils are being disposed of offsite properly or managed on site accordingly. Our staff understands the importance of meeting the soil management design and specifications. A3E provides Inspector Daily Reports to our Clients at the completion of each day detailing the activities of the required oversight work on site.

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Kay Pentzien

Real Estate Developer

The A3 Environmental Team completed both a Phase 1 and a Phase 2 for our property and Patrick and I couldn't be more pleased with the work they did!

Ross DePaul

Mergers & Acqusitions

I thoroughly enjoyed working with A3E on our Phase 1 studies. We were running up against some deadlines, and they jumped through hoops to get everything completed on time.

Daniela Fitzgerald


The A3E team did a great job on our Phase 1 report. They were quick , thorough and professional. They were able to give me all of the information that I needed.

Download Samples of Our Reports.

2020 Environmental Screen (ES)

Environmental Screen With Interpretation

Download Sample Report.

Environmental Screen (ES) $127

Advantages of the Environmental Screen (ES):

  • Inexpensive ($127)
  • Fast (Typically Same Day Service)

Disadvantages of Environmental Screen (ES):

  • High level overview of risks and concerns
  • No limitation of liability for environmental risk like the Phase 1 ESA has.
2020 Phase 1 ESA

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment

Download Sample Report.

Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Advantages: Phase 1 ESA:

  • Limits environmental liability from previous owner.
  • Most thorough review of environmental risk.
  • Accepted by all banks when borrowing against a property.

Disadvantages: Phase 1 ESA:

  • More expensive than other options.
  • Slower to complete (10 Days)
2020 Record Search Risk Assessment (RSRA)

Record Search with Risk Assessment

Download Sample Report.

Record Search w/ Risk Assessment $650

Advantages: Record Search w/ Risk Assessment (RSRA):

  • Less expensive ($650) than a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment.
  • Fast (Guaranteed in 5 Days or Less)
  • Accepted, even encouraged, by the Small Business Administration (SBA)

Disadvantages: Record Search w/ Risk Assessment (RSRA):

  • Relatively high-level overview of risks and concerns.
  • No limitation of liability for environmental risk like Phase 1 ESA.

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