At A3 Environmental Consultants we work hard to keep our whole team engaged in our marketing efforts. We run monthly internal promotions with our employees to expand our reach and market to our industry better. One way we do this is by encouraging our team to maximize their LinkedIn personal accounts to help our corporate

Left to my own devices, I believed that meetings were enormous time wasters and the best management and leadership was to avoid them completely. The term “This could have been an email.” is more than a meme. It’s too often a fact. I lived most of my first years as an entrepreneur comprehensively banning meetings.

We had a frightening situation develop on the Human Resources front last year. What became apparent to us quickly is that we had very little knowledge of how Human Resources worked and all the laws and regulations that could trip you up. Small Business Problems A3 Environmental Consultants is a small business. We grew through

I like GIFs because they tell a story with moving pictures that would take many paragraphs if I were to write it out. People don’t read unless they have to. A picture is worth a thousand words. A3 Environmental Consultants is lucky enough to have a graphic artist freelancer who is reasonably priced and exceptionally

I’ve been a lifelong entrepreneur. I have a keen perspective on starting, and (trying to) grow a company. I’ve started (+/-) 5 companies and in all my time, A3 Environmental Consultants is by far the best team I’ve ever been on. I’m proud to be working with the smartest, most dedicated and hardest working people

There would be very few environmental consulting companies that could operate with a nationwide footprint if it weren’t for freelance environmental consultants. If those companies did exist, they would be enormous and every expensive. It’s almost impossible to staff the entire country with offices and consultants. Having a network of resources you can call helps

The Auto Signature is the single best marketing hack you can do for your Environmental Consulting business for no money at all. What is an Auto Signature? In every email client, Outlook, Gmail, etc… there is a setting where you can create your automatic sign-off to any email. You might think the auto signature is

If you started a small business, you’re eventually going to need an amazing small business lawyer. How do you know your lawyer is any good? I’ve been an entrepreneur for 25 years and I’ve made mistakes. I’ve tried to learn along the way and make good decisions. I hope you find value in what I

An amazing environmental insurance broker is a necessity in the environmental consulting business. What makes an insurance provider amazing? If you don’t have insurance you will find yourself excluded from many, if not most, environmental consulting projects. If you do get hired, it will be as a 1099 subcontractor and often your client will “sell”

A3 Environmental Consultants has developed a free tool for people buying and selling freelance environmental consultant’s services. If you click here, it will take you to our switchboard where you’ll find a link to the ArcGIS map. The ArcGIS map is stored behind a mandatory login. We do this to prevent scammers and spammers from

First, Welcome! If you’ve been in the Environmental Consulting industry long enough you know people get awfully freaky about their list of Freelance Environmental Consultants. We’re not that way. We want both the Indy EP’s AND the companies that might need their services to be successful and to charge every penny the market will bare

The smartest thing ever said in government was when Donald Rumsfeld said: there are things we know, there are things we know we don’t know, there are things we don’t know we don’t know. We make decisions every day with imperfect information. We do the best we can and we seem to get by as

Marketing Scientific Services: What Website Functionality Looks Like As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one type of website functionality that matters, and all things flow from it. In our world functionality and “strategy” are the exact same thing. The strategy is to get the person on your website to email or call you. The

Office culture drives who arrives at your doorstep to be hired. If you want a place people want to come work, you have to be a place people want to come work. Below is our bosslady having fun on the electric scooters we bought to go to the local restaurants at lunch. It’s covid times

My wife has been in the environmental consulting business for her whole career. There’s been a repeating pattern I watched her go through while working for other people. They take scientists and rightfully give them all the scientific work they can do. All the while, they do absolutely no marketing. Then, for whatever reason, their

I’m a big fan of being yourself even if being yourself is a little weird. Below is a video of the skeleton crew which was left after COVID struck in March, clowning around and vamping on the 40 year anniversary of the Breakfast Club movie. You might think something about you, the job you do

It’s hard to find and retain talent. Anyone who manages a business, or owns one could attest. The job we do is hard. Environmental Consulting is often hot, wet, loud, dry, dusty, cold, windy and dirty. Other times you’re grinding out reports in an office, using every bit of your knowledge but it’s silent and,

So this is a marketing blog and I’m telling you nobody cares about your marketing. What gives? This is old-guy logic going on here. Building a website is slow difficult work which draws on many skills you may or may not have. Copyrighting is difficult. Coming up with the right artwork is difficult. Putting it

Hosts: A host is the company you get to host your website. First and foremost you don’t want to host this thing yourself, I don’t care what industry you are in or how good you are with computers. You don’t have a fiber optic line to your building. You don’t have solid state hard drives

Where to start with this… I really don’t like doing web work. I would love to outsource this task but I have found it impossible. Maybe I’ll bitch for a while and it will be helpful. Then we can move on. Websites are an artistic endeavor. It’s not a comfortable place for me. Not because

This article is how we chose Digium for our office phone service provider. To start at the beginning of the thread, start here. We talked about all the hardware and software that goes into taking a phone call. We talked about how your company is being judged, not on the quality of the scientific services

This article is how we chose Digium for our office phone service provider. To start at the beginning of the thread, start here. In selecting a phone system I knew I wanted something that was “Bulletproof” in that it wouldn’t break on me. I needed to minimize outages in every way. The most likely ways

This article is how we chose Digium for our office phone service provider. To start at the beginning of the thread, start here. Economical to most people means cheap. To me it means; what’s my least expensive option IN THE CONTEXT of meeting all my needs. A cheap option that doesn’t do all the things

This article is how we chose Digium for our office phone service provider. To start at the beginning of the thread, start here. You might think scalability is the least of your worries because you never plan to get so big that you’ll run into problems. You’re missing the point. Old school scalability is about

This article is how we chose Digium for our office phone service provider. To start at the beginning of the thread, start here. I wanted a phone system that would give a great customer experience and I have strong opinions on what that looks like. Auto Attendant: Answer the call with an auto attendant. Not

This article is how we chose Digium for our office phone service provider. To start at the beginning of the thread, start here. If you are responsible for marketing scientific services, that last stop on the funnel to landing a client is the company phone system. Picture this; your potential client knows nothing about you.

We did a huge overhaul of our marketing this spring. The hardest part was trying to figure out what to change first. After some good hard thinking, I decided the place to start was with the phones. A3 Environmental Consultants started with one person working as a 1099 contractor. The logical choice for our founder