So this is a marketing blog and I’m telling you nobody cares about your marketing. What gives? This is old-guy logic going on here. Building a website is slow difficult work which draws on many skills you may or may not have. Copyrighting is difficult. Coming up with the right artwork is difficult. Putting it

Hosts: A host is the company you get to host your website. First and foremost you don’t want to host this thing yourself, I don’t care what industry you are in or how good you are with computers. You don’t have a fiber optic line to your building. You don’t have solid state hard drives

Where to start with this… I really don’t like doing web work. I would love to outsource this task but I have found it impossible. Maybe I’ll bitch for a while and it will be helpful. Then we can move on. Websites are an artistic endeavor. It’s not a comfortable place for me. Not because