Tank Removal & Closure

Tank Removal and Closure

During the completion of Phase I ESAs, Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) and Above Ground Storage Tanks (ASTs) are commonly identified on properties. 


A3E has the tools to locate and verify the presence of USTS on our Clients sites utilizing electromagnetic survey tools followed up with test pitting activities as needed. A3E provides a turn-key package to our Clients for the removal of ASTs or USTs identified on their Sites. We will work side by side with a licensed removal contractor to oversee the removal of the tank. We will complete the on-site sampling and regulatory reporting in order to ultimately receive closure for the tank that has been removed.

There are many cases where USTs cannot be removed from their location. A3E provides abandonment services to our clients where this is the case to ensure that the UST is properly abandoned in order to receive closure for the site. 

A3E has performed, investigations, removals and abandonments across the Midwest Region. We understand the regulations that guide the closure process and we work with our clients to manage the removal or abandonment process to complete the work in a manageable timeframe and in an economical manner that meet regulatory standards. 

The overall fee for the removal or abandonment from the initial identification of the USTs/ASTs through closure ranges on the number of tanks on site, sizes of the tanks and any possible residual contamination that may be on site. 

How long will a tank pull take?

Typically thirty to forty-five days, however we are at the mercy of the tank pull contractors existing schedule. We can rush the order but it will always require an upcharge.

What kind of cost can I expect?

The costs vary depending on the scope of the project, whether the tank has product in it and whether the tank has leaked. The costs we've seen usually vary between $10,000 and $30,000.

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