Welcome, 1099 contractors! At A3E we like to make industry friends so we’re giving you some environmental report examples for your review. It was 5 short years ago that A3 Environmental Consultants was started by our fearless boss lady, Alisa Allen. Her initial goal was to be an Freelance Environmental Consultant to her friends in

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Commercial Real Estate (CRE) professionals call us looking for environmental advice all the time. We’re happy to be your trusted environmental resource and are on-call to answer questions and help with strategy. We can’t do our jobs without environmental data resources of our own. Some of these are environmental databases of known contamination which we

If you are here looking for a SBA RSRA template download, you can only be an environmental consultant or freelance environmental consultant who is looking to do one of these reports for the first time. Fear not, they are pretty easy and your pals here at A3 Environmental Consultants are here to help. First, let’s

Commercial Real Estate developers are notoriously impatient. The following story is about a Site Remediation Program (SRP) nightmare we are currently working through. Buying a Contaminated Property in Chicago, Illinois We were contacted by a commercial real estate developer who had purchased a former plating facility in a great location to build their next development.

Who Pays For The Phase 1 ESA? Like most real estate deals, it is negotiable. However, usually the party borrowing money is required by the bank to purchase the Phase 1 ESA as part of their due diligence. A seller can commission their own Phase 1 ESA and provide it as part of their marketing

It’s never a happy situation to find yourself in when you’re responsible for finding an Environmental Consulting company to do a Phase II ESA on a property you own or a property you want to purchase. Chances are good you’ve never done it before. Below, we try to give you some quick advice on how

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has very specific environmental due diligence procedures which can be confusing. To sort it all out for you, A3 Environmental Consulting built this infographic SBA Environmental flow chart. Depending on the type of loan you are applying for and the use of the property you are buying, you can determine

The elusive SBA Environmental Questionnaire Form. Your first question is why is it so hard to find? It would be awfully nice if the Small Business Administration provided this in an easy format. They don’t. But not to worry, we’re going to cover it every way possible here. SBA Environmental Questionnaire, what is it and

Before you spend a fortune on Environmental Due Diligence, First Search an Environmental Database to see what you are getting into. Working at A3E Consultants for as long as I have, I have come to realize that not every problem needs the most expensive solution to solve it. You can take a more nuanced approach.

There would be very few environmental consulting companies that could operate with a nationwide footprint if it weren’t for freelance environmental consultants. If those companies did exist, they would be enormous and every expensive. It’s almost impossible to staff the entire country with offices and consultants. Having a network of resources you can call helps